Welcome to my blog…

Hi everyone!!  I just want to take the time to welcome you to my page and say Thank You for stopping by.  I am new to blogging but I’m always open to trying new things… lol!

I began my blog several months ago and was completely lost!!  So after researching and trying to figure out how to do what I wanted on the blog, I just found another blogging service.  So far its been a SNAP!  Easy peesy and I have no idea why I didn’t switch sooner.

As you can probably tell from the things I am writing (and will write), this blog is all about my family and the things I do.  Some things I do good and often…  Other things I may not do as good or as often as some might think I should…  Some things I just might have a harder time blogging about (and I really do not want to be accused of taking someone elses work or ideas).

Oh!  Talking about ideas… if you do see an idea about something I do on here, that does not necessarily mean I took someone else idea.  Quite often I find myself with random thoughts and ideas…. so I need to put them somewhere to save them!  I do tend to forget things.  It must come with old age.  Or having children.  Or maybe just leftovers from back when I was a blonde.  Who knows!!  Lol!

Either way… if you have make it through my ramblings, feel free to follow my blog and visit on occasion 🙂


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