On the Road Again… to Fort Bragg, NC

We found out back in December that we were going to be PCSing to Fort Bragg but only unofficial…  Yesterday my husband finally got OFFICIAL ORDERS sending us to Fort Bragg in the coming few months 🙂

Its GREAT to finally have something official sending us there.  Now there are so many things we need to do….

First and foremost, we need to get on the waiting list for on post housing.  The housing community I want to live in has a current wait time of 24 MONTHS!!  Wow!!  Yeah we’ll be there before THAT!!  My #2 choice has an 18 month waitlist.  My #3 choice has an 8 month wait…. Which leaves our last and least wanted place to live with a 0, yes, a 0 month wait 😦  The only thing good about our LAST choice is Cathryne will be able to go to a high school other than EE Smith High School in Fayetteville, NC, which is (reportedly) a HORRIBLE school!!

Then we need to decide when we are going…

When will we ship our HHGs…

When my last day at work will be…


Throw out lots of crap we do not need to save…


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