Our House

So the other day we were offered a home at Fort Bragg.  I was so worried we would not have a house to move to and would have to live out in the economy 😦  But we got one!!  Yay!!

So here are some pictures of it…

The house

I hope soon after we move in, to plant Thornless Climbing Roses (in pink) in front of each of the 3 columns on the front porch as well as at the corner of the house on the outside of the garage. Perhaps a Pink Weeping Tree Rose there at the end of the driveway… one on each side 🙂

back of house

The goal for the back of the house (to begin with) is to clear out all that from under the bay window and put in planters and/ or raised type planter. I think I want a sort of 2-tiered one. Not sure if I’ll want to use that one for flowers, vegetables or herbs. I really want to grow my own vegetables and herbs, but we’ll see….

side view of back yard

Since we’ll be there the next 2-5 years, I don’t mind doing a little landscaping to make my time there a little more appealing 🙂 So as you see the back yard slightly slopes down. I would like to use that landscaping cinder blocks to sort of step down the yard. Then we’ll have a nice flat back yard, it’ll just be more like 2 or 3 little yards. Can you picture that?? I don’t really know how to say it but I can so picture it.


One thought on “Our House

  1. The pink climbing roses sounds beautiful – and I bet they will look it too! As for the planter – I think herbs would be a good idea – if you go for fragrant onces such as Rosmary or mint, or whatever yoy prefer, then they will perfume your room when you have the windows above them open 😉

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