The yard…

Wow! Can I say I have my work cut out for me??? Lol! The back yard on this place is crazy from what I have seen. (Only in pictures so far…)

So the backyard looks like this from the far side view:

side view of back yard

It doesn’t look too bad. Well if you do not mind the slope šŸ˜¦ I do! I want to put in, maybe two, levels in the yard as it tapers down. That way I’ll have a flat yard, just divided into two areas šŸ™‚ Sort of like this…

tiered yard 4

This is the picture I have of the backyard looking out from the back porch. So from here once put in the tiers, I should look out to two levels of green lush grass… Ahhhh!

view of backyard

This is also at the back of my yard somewhere…

back yard that drops into woods

Hopefully as I am making my tiers, I can dump any leftover dirt into this spot. Looks like it was once a tree stump?? Maybe not. Maybe its just a hole that’s full of crappy looking stuff šŸ˜›


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