Vet visit!

With us preparing to move it has come up that I failed to take the dogs in for their yearly exam and vaccination updates back in February. So a couple weeks ago I called and scheduled them for a visit.

Today was the day I took the dogs to the vet to get their much needed yearly exam (yes I know… its 2 months behind) and OMG!!! I thought it was going to break the bank. Lol! No not really but for some reason I was expecting it to cost less. It was over $180 for the 2 of them! Even with the 10% military discount it was still $165… jeesh!!

Plus I still have to go back in 2-3 weeks to get a booster for one of the shots. Then they each still need one other shot (not required) and their flu shots. Even though they are optional, I would like to keep them up to date so we won’t have any last minute surprises if we need to have the dogs boarded or whatever.

Then once we move I’ll be scheduling them each for blood work to make sure everything is going good. I really wanted to go ahead and do this today but after getting an estimate of what I was already spending, I had to pass on it 😦 Thats also why I didn’t get the optional vaccinations… oh well. Payday is coming up and we’ll go get our boosters and the vaccinations we passed on then.

Hmmm let’s see… Keera has always seemed a bit “weak” in her rear legs, so the vet recommended getting x-rays done to see if she had hip dysplasia and how much muscle loss she has already suffered. She said by looking at her walking and moving around that it appears she has lost some, but not sure how much. It appeared to the vet that she had lost some due due to all of her hair she said it might be even more than we think… If she does have hip dysplasia, then we can get her started on minimizing any future muscle loss as well as look into pain relief options once she gets to that point.

What else was there?? Oh yeah! So I asked about Keeras eyes. Sometimes the white part is quite red and other days its not so bad. She looked at them and said her eye were fine. It seems quite a few dogs in Florida have allergies 😛 Also asked about EODs belly button. I have NEVER seen a dog with an outie and he has one. The first time I saw it, I was shocked and thought he had gotten bit and it was swollen but upon further inspection I realized it was where his umbilical cord had been attached. The vet said he just had a small hernia. Probably had it since birth. We can have surgery to fix it but since it doesn’t bother him there is no sense in it. Well unless it ever grows or seems to bother him.

What did we not ask about??
> Keera has gas that could KILL!!
> Keera has breath that smells like she eats road kill on a daily basis
> ???

The vet was wonderful!! I hope when we get to Fort Bragg that our new vet is just as good…. Makes me sad (for the dogs) that we are moving 😦


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