Leveling the playing field…

Looking at the house we are in the process of moving into, the back yard drops off something horrible!  As in like we are “allowed” to have a fenced in backyard that can go back 50 feet.  We’ll be lucky to get even close to that!  Now mind you I have not physically been to the house yet, but my husband has and he said that our backyard will be about 5 to 10 feet shorter than our neighbors.  And they’re house is attached to ours!!

Soooo…. I am immediately going to start harassing the housing department to get us a couple loads of dirt brought in the level it out. I do say harassing because another lady living in my neighborhood says she has been trying to get them to bring in some dirt to fill a hole left in her yard when housing removed a dead tree!!

Then again! I have also found a group I communicate with that said there is a local organic dump that sells what they call mulch but is in reality mostly black dirt from composted yard waste. Perfect! Using that I should even be able to grow grass in pretty soon! They sell it by the truck load for $10 (as much as you can fit in your truck). I personally do not mind making a few loads, but ONLY because it will ultimately make MY yard look nicer 🙂 The only downfall of me doing it myself is then I’ll have to do all the spreading 😛 Not really my cup of tea…


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