Dog Bite :(

dog bite


Last Saturday, June 1st, my daughter was being lovable as always to our dogs.  She was giving our male dog a good kiss 🙂  Too bad he isn’t very friendly…  He does growl to let people know to get away when he doesn’t want you in his face.  Well…. someone didn’t listen to him!!

Which ended with a trip to the emergency room. He bit my daughter right there on the face. She started screaming and we came a running…. (Okay she was right inside the patio door and we were on the other side of it…. She had been going back and forth all day as we put furniture together.) She was holding her face and I could just see the blood gathering under her hand… It was horrible! I grabbed a towel to press to her face as my husband took a look. He said he doubted it needed stitches, but we would go to the ER (it WAS a Saturday night).

So we get to the ER and there was no desk or anything to sign in. You had to take a number. When they got to your number you could tell them what your problem was, then have a seat again until they could get you back to the doctor. There were tons of people in front of us with stupid stuff… like turning in stool samples, etc. If she was bleeding to death they never would have known until our number was called!!

Anyway they got us back, took a look at it, cleaned it up and pronounced nothing they could do for it. The dogs bottom teeth went into the underside of her chin (luckily the canines went on either side of her jaw) and the top canines bit right below her eye. One in the corner and the other off the far side. A few more centimeters to the left and it would have been in her eye. I guess right when he bit she either turned her head or he did, because the canine that got in the corner of her eye sort of slit across under her eye and took a little chunk out of the end.

Its been a week now and it’s almost all healed up. She will have a scar, but hopefully it won’t be too noticeable as she ages since she’s so little. At least thats what the doctor said. He gave us some cream to put on it to help it heal and with the scarring, but did say that in the future if the scarring bothered her we could always look into cosmetic surgery. I’m sure it won’t go that far…

As you can see in the picture above she was all brave and happy once again after the bleeding stopped.


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