Pruning Climbing Roses

How to Prune Climbing Roses

Here is a guide and information on pruning the climbing roses.

However,please remember that, most climbing roses and rambling roses, need two or three years to build up enough top growth to produce flowers.

During that time, they need little or no pruning.

It is more important to train the climbers at this early stage, so they will beautiful and flower from bottom to the top, and not only at the top.

Information On Pruning Climbing Roses

Climbing Rose bushes should not have their main long arching canes pruned for two or three years, if ever.

The first reason is that they need time to build long flowering canes, that will produce lateral side shoots which are the real flower producing stems.

The second reason is, if you prune back the long canes, it will alter the look and careful training of the climber.

However, if you have an older climbing rose that is not producing as many blooms as it use to, it’s time to take action.

Take a pruning saw and remove one or two of the oldest canes that are not producing, or maybe dying off, at the base.

This will stimulate the climber to grow other long canes that will flower a lot.

The picture below is a perfect example of a well trained climber. And by the way it’s climbing New Dawn.

The only pruning this rose needs is by cutting back the lateral shoots that grow from the main canes.

climbing New Dawn

Pruning Climbing Roses That Are Established

Established climbers generally do fine with just a light pruning.

Trim main canes only if they overgrow their space, then cut back the side shoots from these main canes to about 2-3 inches.

If you have an once-blooming climber, only prune right after flowering.

Prune repeat flowering climbers during the dormant season.

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