University of Alabama at Birmingham

So earlier this month we took the girls to go see their new doctor in Birmingham.  Not that we were looking forward to going… just all the other clinics we have went to in the past 2 years have already turned their backs on us.  They have washed their hands of us because once they hear our move by date, that’s the last they seem to want to deal with us. Texas Childrens in Houston kept us on the longest, but still as soon as we moved they were very reluctant to help when we needed it.  Which really it doesn’t matter where we live… you are our clinic until we find another one as long as we continue to see you yearly.  So the last time we were seen at Texas Childrens has been almost 2 years… but they were done with us as soon as we said we were moving.  Since then we have been to a clinic in Virginia… can’t remember the name.  We went there twice.  Both times they have offered NO followup at all.  They wouldn’t even have my daughter prescription refilled after our appt and they said they would make sure everything kept going on as it was going good.

Back to UAB… we were there for our appointments.  They were at 9:30am and 10:00am.  But the drive was 250 miles so we had to go up the night before and stay in a hotel.  We were there from 9:15am until right at 10:15 or 10:20am and they were done with us.  They said they would be sending us to the lab there because they needed lots of blood work done.  We were sent back to the waiting room to checkout.  When I asked the receptionist about us going to the lab for their lab work she asked me if the doctor had given me any paperwork to take to the lab.  Which is when I told her no they hadn’t, I thought they would send it up as soon as they had finished processing everything.  She rudely said if they had wanted us to have lab work they would have given me the papers while I was back there.  Which I came back with no they really wanted lab work done and they had stressed it.  She looked at me with the rudest, deadpan face and said if they wanted them to have lab work done, they would have given you the paperwork.  She would NOT call back and ask them about it.  Which is when I said fine, we are moving to a new state and will have a new doctor in 4 months.  We’ve waited this long, we’ll wait a little longer.  Talk about HOT!!!  I was so…. ugh!!

So we go home after a very long, wasted trip.

About a week later I get in the mail an envelope from them with our lab slips in them.  Saying they forget to give them to us while we were at our appointment.  That we could just go to our local hospital and have the lab work done and just have the results faxed to them.  As if I can just drop everything and take off ANOTHER day to go have blood work done after I had planned everything to have it done the day of the appointment.  So now my husband my husband will have to take them.  He normally gets off the first Tuesday of each month and his day off in March will have to be the day.

Good news??  Yep!  They renewed my youngest daughters prescription so we are good to go.