I have spent a lot of time on the internet just looking at interesting things. Pinterest.com seems to be a really big thing right now with lots of ideas on things to do. One of those is Once A Month Cooking (OAMC). So here I am… I have decided to give it a try and tell about it here.

So I spent some time a couple weeks ago looking at a lady’s website (I’ll give her credit when I find her website again). Found her on pinterest!! Anyway, from her I got the idea to take a calendar and just write out a supper on each day. She had a couple recipes that I thought my family might like, so I added them to my calendar (we always eat the SAME things…) and then I just started googling for more recipes. I was mainly just looking for recipes that other people had already taste tested for the crockpot (frozen in gallon freezer bags) and other meals that could be frozen in advance and just cooked the night I needed it.

I found TONS of people doing the OAMC thing!! The only problem is that everyone wanted to sell their recipes 😦 Not that I don’t understand why… People put lots of time and effort into coming up with their recipes and maintaining their blog, etc. So I admit that once before I wanted to try this OAMC and actually DID buy 1 or 2 ebooks with recipes in them. I was so disappointed!! I have a very picky family (I’m probably #1 on that one). Not only that, but … well here is the run down on how my family eats. My husband eats ANYTHING (well except pea salad… HATES it!); I am extremely picky… do not like my food to touch and do not eat MOST vegetables; daughter #1 is a vegan due to medical reasons and not fond of vegetables (go figure); daughter #2 is an almost vegetarian, she’ll eat chicken sometimes and red even less often and she does like some vegetables; and then there is daughter #3… she is also a vegan due to medical reasons (like daughter #1) but she is pretty open to most vegetables… she’ll even try new things 🙂 So back to what I was saying… the ebooks I bought were no help to me. Don’t get me wrong… my husband would eat any and all of the recipes as I’m sure most people would, but not in my household.


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